Weight Lifting

1. Always keep your form an posture before your ego and how heavy are the weights.

2. Acoording to your goal find the pace and rhythm on your lifting.

Some Variations:

-Slowly or a bit faster

-Slowly negatives or slowly lifting

-Explosive lifting

-lifting with contraction.

3. How heavy should you lift???

-this should be determinate according to your fitness goal but you should never risk your form and posture for heavier lifts

-if you are planning to do 15 reps you should be struggling at number 11 or 12 and last 3 to be in pain

-how many reps should you do?? It really depends from your goal, muscle group is it big or small muscle group, are you doing definition or increasing muscle mass

4. How long should be your rest?

-Every workout should be based on your individual body and your individual blood pressure and resting heart rate, and in some cases VO2 capacity and MAX.

-After measuring this parameters I will take your fitness goals and I will find the right parameters and time for resting and recovery.

5. How often you should be changing your workout routine?

Take in consideration the following

-are you working on strength and lifting heavy?

-are you working on power lifting

-are you lifting for better look

-are you working for healthy body


Stay Healthy

-your working out process should make you better person and be more healthy in any case. Avoid injuries and don’t do anything what makes you unsecure and you don’t have the right confidence

-you are building your health with the training process but you need to know how. Just going to the gym and go from machine to machine won’t bring you and results and any health benefits.

-everything what you do should be individual based and be according to your needs, in any other case you will face failure.

-with right training process you should lower down cholesterol, lower down fat in your body and have better heart and better blood pressure. I have accomplished this with more than 80% from my clients.



Better Heart Rate

-according to your resting heart rate I can determinate your health and your heart health. How much your heart is tired and work more what it should or working extra for maintaining normal life.

-remember you have only one heart and it has it is own life frame. The heart will stop working one day when it will be used enough. It is similar like engine on car, to many miles or kilometers and it will start braking and have problems. Doesn’t matter how old or knew is the car, the kilometers will cause to end it life. So doesn’t matter how old are you if your heart doesn’t work fine it will start causing problems and maybe end of life. People with week heart very often feel tiredness and that are dizzy or don’t feel good. That is natural law.

-training your heart you will make your heart healthier and stronger and will cause happiness and better quality life. And of course you will live longer and better life. Less tired, fill with energy and positivity.

-most important is to find your rate heart rate zones and to use in your training plan. This is completed process and many factors are important. The heart rate zones are changing according to your progress or regress. This you cant do it on your own you need professionals who are experienced and educated well

-you training heart rate does matter are you in process of weight loss and try to lose just fat or you are in process for increasing muscle gains. Another case is if you are tring to increasing your conditioning level. IT IS ALL DIFFERENT